Not your average sex shop

We’re in the business of sharing experiences. Relationship advice, sex tips, product reviews – there’s nothing off-limits here.


To create open and respectful human connections, helping adults become more comfortable with their sexuality.

The couple behind the scenes

We’re a newlywed couple who, let’s be honest, really love sex. 

We know that buying sex toys – much less talking about masturbation – can be an embarrassing subject for a lot of people. In fact, some people can’t even share with their partners what turns them on! 

We want to change that.

We started Sneak Peak to share our stories, and give people somewhere to go for honest advice. Our blog posts are all true and written from the heart – and our reviews are all well-researched (trust us on this one!). 

Whether you’re single, married, or in a relationship, it’s time to start your own sexual revolution.

Become a Partner

We’re actively seeking partnerships from a range of suppliers and manufacturers. If you’ve got the goods, we want to review them! 

We’re also interested in working with anyone who would like to be a collaborator and share their experiences, whether as a written product review, a video testimonial (G-rated!) or a guest post in our journal.

If this sounds like you, please fill in our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond the stock-standard ‘why are you doing this?’ question, we also get a few others fairly regularly, so we thought we’d include them below. Feel free to send us a message if you have any other questions or still need some clarification. We don’t bite 😉

You know it's spelled 'Peek', right?

Actually, funny story. When we were playing with the idea of selling sex toys, we started throwing out website names (alongside a few glasses of red). We wanted it to be discreet but clever. 

We were watching Peep Show with David Mitchell and Robert Webb at the time (one of our favourite TV shows!), so we started brainstorming names similar to that – which is what led us to Sneak Peek. 

But of course, after a few wines Cass was a little tipsy when she registered the domain name and misspelled it as Peak. But you know what? We like it. It’s punny. Sneak Peak, as in sneaky orgasm 😉

How do you make money?

We don’t make a lot. Any commission we make on product sales go back into the marketing and running of the site. This is a passion project for the moment. We have day jobs that pay our bills.

Are you really a couple?

Yes. It’s honestly not even that hard to verify that one. All you’d have to do is Google image search our picture, find our social media profiles and see that we’re together.

Who writes your reviews?

We do, as do some of our family members and close friends. We also actively encourage the general public to participate and review products as well! The more the merrier.

Are your reviews really genuine? No, really?

Yes. We don’t want you to buy a product that’s not actually going to do what it says on the box. While we may receive a commission for the purchase, providing helpful advice is far more important to us.

Ask us Anything

Have a burning question you need answered? Want us to review a specific product? Ask away! If we can help, we may share our answer as a post in our journal or on social media for anyone else who may be going through something similar.