For those who enjoy a bit of variety when it comes to anal play, anal beads are a must-have for sex toy enthusiasts. They’ve come a long way in recent years – from vibrating beads through to embedded options (no strings attached!), there’s a wide variety available.

Keep reading to learn more about anal beads, including the various types available, and how to use them.

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How to use anal beads

Some anal beads are rigid, others are flexible. Some even vibrate! Depending on the type you have will determine how you insert them. Rigid ones can be used similar to a butt plug, but flexible ones will need to be pushed in one at a time.

It’s also worth noting that rigid models are better for depth play, but can be uncomfortable for long-term use. On the other hand, flexible models will have a tendency of bunching up inside you, providing a unique sensation when the beads shift.

Either way, it’s recommended you avoid the ones connected by a string. Not only are the beads likely to come loose and end up stuck, the string is hard to keep clean.

When it comes time to remove them, remember that your ass ain’t a crankshaft – and the anal beads are not a pull string. Take them out slowly and gently, one at a time. Yanking them will not be fun for anyone.

Some people pull anal beads out as they’re climaxing to intensify and prolong their orgasm. Others enjoy tugging the beads in and out, all throughout their play. Whatever you prefer is entirely up to you.

From beginner to butt connoisseur

If it’s your first time, it’s worth trying anal beads privately before playing with a partner, so you can get used to how they feel and what you like. With easy-to-grip handles, you’ll find their use simple and pleasurable!

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