Is your wrist getting sore? Are you rubbed red raw? If you’re suffering from death-grip syndrome, it may be time to try something a little different. Say goodbye to the Kleenex – male masturbation toys are here to make your ‘alone time’ an experience that keeps you coming, again and again.

Keep reading to learn more about male masturbators – including the different types, and what to consider before you buy one of your own.

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What is a male masturbation toy?

You may have heard of them already. They’re often referred to as Fleshlights or Pocket Pussies – but these are actually brands of male masturbators. There’s a whole wide world of masturbation toys out there, from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers.

That being said, while they have their differences, like vibrators they all follow the same essential principles. Fashioned to look like an oversized flashlight, they usually consist of a soft, pliable sleeve that slides over the penis.

Some are nothing more than a sleeve with two open ends, while others may have nubs or ridges inside them – or may be moulded to feel like a vagina, anus or mouth. Some of them even vibrate or provide suction – just like an intense blowjob.

Your handy toy to better handjobs

Male masturbators aren’t just for solo fun. They’re the perfect addition to your couple-time in the bedroom too! Does your partner’s jaw get tired well before you’re closed to finishing? Maybe they can’t stroke you as well as your own hand? Why not let them have a go on your favourite tool with a male masturbator instead? Easier for them, more enjoyable for you – sounds like a win-win to us!

Don’t let the girls have all the fun – sex toys are for guys too – gay, straight, married or single – they don’t discriminate. Browse our collection and give your sex life the upgrade it deserves.

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