Where erogenous zones are concerned, nipples are very underrated. Part of the problem is because they often need more stimulation than our other fun bits – so some people never even realise how sensitive they can be! But by simply spending more time stimulating them during foreplay, you’ll quickly learn more about how your body (or your partner’s!) responds to touch and sensation – and you may even discover a new love of nipple play.

Of course, you’re by no means limited to using your hands when it comes to play time. There’s a wide range of nipple sex toys out there – keep reading to learn more.

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The different types of nipple toys

While a tongue, a finger, or a set of mindful teeth may do the trick when it comes to nipple stimulation, there’s also a variety of sex toys that are sure to get your nerve-endings tingling.

These include:

  • Nipple clamps: Designed to squeeze and create pressure (and a hint of pain).
  • Nipple suckers: Just like little mouths that latch on and increase blood flow.
  • Magnetic orbs: Similar to clamps, these pinch you in the right way.
  • Tingling balms: Helps increase nipple sensitivity and arousal.
  • Breast pumps: Stimulates the entire breast tissue at the same time as the nipple.

By combining these nipple toys with the element of surprise, and maybe a hint of pain, you’ll quickly get your body going. After all, a little BDSM never hurt anyone, right? Not more than they wanted to be hurt, anyway…

Tease your way to a nipple-gasm

Packed with nerve-endings that can produce a unique sensation, stimulating your nipples (and the breast tissue around them) can be an exciting experience all on its own – that, for some people, can even lead to a sexual climax similar to a genital orgasm.

But even if you can’t reach the finish line from nipple play alone, one thing is for certain: experimenting with nipple toys will certainly bring more excitement into the bedroom!

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