Exercises to Increase Your Stamina in the Bedroom

It was about six months ago now that I made the commitment to finally follow through on something I had been talking about for over a year: it was time to get fit again. Unfortunately, through a combination of poor discipline and laziness my waistline had expanded substantially. But a few unflattering photos later (including from our wedding) and I was suddenly motivated to eat better and exercise more.

Other than the usual benefits that you’d expect from losing some weight, (such as more energy, improved moods and better sleep), increased sexual performance wasn’t one I’d initially considered. Although there had been a few jokes here and there about sweating and heavy breathing, the impact that a few kilograms were having had never really crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until the other morning, having pulled a few moves out of my repertoire that hadn’t seen the light of day for while, that I made the correlation between my fitness and performance.

It got me thinking. What was it specifically that I was doing that had led to the return of my A-game?

Compound Exercises

Sex uses a lot of different muscles, all at the same time. Even if your playbook doesn’t extend any further than missionary, you’ll be engaging several muscle groups to execute the required movements. And just like any sort of training, it’s vital that you “train the way you play”.

This is where compound exercises come into the equation. A compound exercise is one that simultaneously uses multiple muscle groups, just like sex. It goes without saying that if you spend the day doing exercises that mirror the physiological engagement of sex, you’re going to see the benefits in the bedroom (or anywhere else that takes your fancy).

Essentially, if you’re engaging several muscle groups that once, your coordination and balance will improve, which means you’ll be better equipped to attempt some of those positions you’ve seen on Porn Hub, but haven’t been game to try.

Beyond the gains you’ll make with your pants off, compound exercises are great for improving all-round fitness:

  1. Burns more calories per exercise, as more muscles are being used.
  2. Allows you to work more muscles in a shorter space of time, increasing the efficiency of your workout
  3. Helps to improve joint mobility and stability by moving in natural patterns
  4. Increases your heart rate more than isolated strength training, helping to assist in the improvement of your cardiovascular system
  5. Allows you to lift heavier weights and build overall strength more quickly.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Generally speaking, a bit of sweating and heavy breathing is a sign that things are going well when you’re having sex – however, this isn’t a blanket rule if the phrase “I’ve got a stitch” is thrown into the mix. It’s exactly for this reason that improved cardiovascular fitness is vital to improved sexual prowess.

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no shortcuts here. If you want to improve in this area you’ll have to jump on a bike, go for a run or use the cardio machines at the gym to train your heart and lungs and improve their functioning under pressure.

Sound like too much effort? Why do you think I got into sex toys in the first place?

Skip the rest and give these a go instead!

Specific Exercises for Sex Positions

If you’re not sure where to start, these are the exercises I’d start incorporating into your routine to increase your stamina in the bedroom!


If I had to recommend only one exercise, it would be squats – as they train all the major muscle groups that you’ll use in a variety of sexual positions.

For instance, squats are great for training your glutes, which are engaged when standing back up after performing the exercise. It’s also the glutes that are the primary muscles used when making a thrusting motion, which means bigger, stronger glutes will translate to longer, harder thrusts.

Squats are also useful for strengthening your abdominals and obliques, so if you happen to be on the receiving end, you’ll be better able to brace for the force of the thrusts – and penetrative sex is always better when both partners are meeting in the middle.


Push-ups are also a great exercise to help you life your game, as they mimic the way we often stabilise ourselves during sex. Working your arms, shoulders and chest, performing this exercise regularly will definitely improve your stamina.

This goes for both men and women, and anyone in between. Blokes will be able to get the most out of the newly powerful upper body and hold themselves up during missionary, while the ladies will be able to brace on their hands or forearms during doggy style without getting tired.

Pelvic Lifts

The inclusion of this exercise should be pretty self-explanatory.

For those of you not familiar with pelvic lifts, this exercise involves lying flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. From here, you raise your pelvis so that your spine is in a straight line, tightening your abs and glutes while you push upwards, or in other words, thrust.

Pelvic lifts are great because they mimic the most common sexual movement, and therefore directly work all the corresponding muscles. If your perform twenty weighted thrusts in a row, anything you can do in the bedroom will be a walk in the park in comparison.

Couple performing girl on fire sex position

The Importance of Stretching

If you’re performing weights or cardio, you 100% should also be stretching. It’s also vital to improving your sexual ability, particularly if you want to try something a bit more advanced.

Stretching helps keep your joints loose and improves your range of motion, allowing you to contort into all sorts of different shapes – which is always fun.

Choosing the best stretches for you is like buying the right pair of pants. It largely comes down to the idiosyncrasies of your own body, but here are a few that I’ve found to be particularly beneficial.

Banded Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back, wrap your band around the middle of your foot, extend your leg and pull back gently on the band with your hands. Once you find a good stretch, hold it for 30 seconds and then release. Repeat on the other leg.

Hip Opener

Lie down on your back and bring your knees towards you until your upper legs are vertical. Bend your knees and rest your right ankle over your left knee. Hold this position and pull gently back on your left hamstring until you feel the stretch in your hip. Hold for 30 seconds. Release and repeat on the left hip.

Seated Groin Stretch

Sit down and bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. While keeping your back straight, hold your legs just above the ankles while you push your knees down with your elbows. Continue to apply pressure evenly with both elbows until you find a comfortable stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and release.

Start lifting your game

If you were looking for a reason to get fit, improving your sex life has to be a pretty good one. But if you’d prefer to take the path of least resistance, you can always buy sex toys from me and still get the same result.