LELO Sona 2 Review

The intimate details

  • Fully rechargeable for more power, and less fuss
  • Made from a single piece of ultra-smooth silicone, for your pleasure
  • Transmits sonic waves into your body, for a deeper but gentler sensation
  • 12 pleasure settings, because there’s no such thing as too much or too little satisfaction
  • 1-year LELO warranty offering unrivalled quality-assurance


Cass & Steve reviewing the LELO Sona 2

Unlike anything I’d experienced

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this toy. I’d already tried a similar style product, albeit with a cheaper price point (it was a free gift with another purchase) and didn’t get much out of it. 

But it’s a LELO, after all. I should’ve known better.

The packaging is pristine, as you’d expect from such a luxurious brand. Inside is a USB charging cable, a satin carry-bag and a packet of personal lubricant. 

After giving it an initial charge, I set out to play. Holding the soft silicone in my hand, you could easily tell the design choices hadn’t only factored in looks, but ergonomics as well. Its curved back allows you to hold it comfortably against yourself as you explore.

Turning the device on is simple, the buttons are intuitively placed. There’s a number of settings you can choose from, but as per usual for me, I kept it on the straight and steady.

Once I switched it on is where I could tell something was different with this toy.

Firstly, the suction is incredible. It latches onto your clit or nipple, enveloping the nerve-endings in titillating sensations. I tried it on my nipple first, and it’s definitely a great way to build up excitement before getting to the main event. 

(And if you’re feeling particularly decadent, it could even be used at the same time as another toy – not something I’ve tried yet, but I’m definitely considering it.)

When I finally moved the toy downstairs – wow. Just wow. The sensations were unlike anything else I’d experienced. The SenSonic technology that LELO has developed and patented is actually more than just marketing. 

It’s hard to describe. Typically, I tend to lean towards powerful vibrators these days; the smaller ones just don’t get me to where I want to be without a lot of effort. This one definitely didn’t feel as powerful, but it didn’t need to be. 

The SenSonic technology inside the Sona 2 uses subsonic pulses to massage your clit – so rather than vibrating against your skin, it uses the air around it to generate deep, satisfying waves of pleasure.

Put simply, I felt like stopping a few times because it was getting too intense, despite actually being more gentle than other vibrators I’ve used. But I persisted, turning it down to the lowest setting… for one the biggest, most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. 

Is it worth the money? Definitely.