Lovense Domi Review

The intimate details

  • Weighs only 283g, but packs a serious punch.
  • Choose from three steady levels and up to 10 different patterns.
  • Water resistant (but not completely submersible).
  • Syncs to Lovense app via Bluetooth for remote control.
  • Made from body-safe materials.
  • Rechargeable battery with 60-90 minutes of continuous use.


Cass & Steve unboxing the Lovense Domi

Not for the faint hearted

My first experience with a wand vibrator – and it honestly may have been too much for me. The vibration is so powerful, at only half-speed it felt like it was going to blow my clit off.

Of course, that’s before I figured out how to properly use it. 

Most other vibrators I’ve used (such as the LELO Gigi 2) emit low, rumbly vibrations. While powerful, they’re more targeted and need direct contact to properly stimulate the area. The Domi, on the other hand, works best with broad sweeps. As soon as I figured this out, it was a lot more fun. 

I’d suggest keeping your legs as firmly together as possible, with the toy stuck between you so it’s only gently touching your vulva. There’s no need to keep a death grip on it against your clitoris like other vibrators. I’d also recommend using the Lovense app to control the vibration – and start at the lowest setting! You can gradually work your way up as you get used to it.

That’s what I did, anyway. And I found I could get the setting about halfway before it was too much and made my bits feel itchy rather than pleasurable.

Once you get it right, though… boy, does it feel good. And there’s no risk of your hand slipping and losing that direct contact just before you hit the finish line.

The Bluetooth connectivity to the app is seamless, and the app design is one of the best I’ve seen. You can create an account to save your settings and, more interestingly, control it from afar (great for long-distance couples!). There’s also a range of options to create your own vibration patterns, sync to music or react to sound. As is typical with me, I stuck with the simple continuous vibration.

The Lovense Domi comes with two attachments: a female one for the G-spot, and a male one for prostate massage. Steve and I both found the attachments uncomfortable, and when the vibration was turned on it only became worse. That being said, we didn’t use the app with the attachments – only the buttons on the wand, which have limited setting options.

In terms of vibration volume, it’s definitely not one to have if you have housemates and thin walls. Steve described the noise as somewhere between a lawn mower and a blender – and apparently it’s one of the more quiet wands on the market! While noise isn’t a total dealbreaker for me, it was a little uncomfortable to hold as the whole wand would shake, even on the lowest setting level. 

If you’re looking for a powerful vibrator with great connectivity and options, I’d definitely recommend the Lovense Domi for the price. But maybe skip the attachments this time around.