They’re not replacing your dick, we promise.

Discover everything there is to know about sex toys. Start your own sexual revolution.

Who even uses sex toys?

We know what you’re thinking. Sex toys are for lonely people or deviants, right?


While that may have been the perception once upon a time, that attitude is changing. In fact, some people (mostly women, or people with vaginas) actually need sex toys to orgasm.

For the men in heterosexual relationships reading this, that means without a toy your partner may never enjoy sex as much you do – which typically leads to a decrease in sex drive.

Maybe you’ve already started noticing?

But don’t worry. Using a sex toy doesn’t mean you’re not a good enough lover – that’s honestly one of the biggest misconceptions out there.

While sex toys can be used solo, they’re actually designed to enhance your experience overall, whether alone, in a partnership – or in a group setting. (Hey, whatever you’re into is fine with us!)

Sex toys also let people understand their own body. And by understanding what you need to get off, you might start to feel more comfortable discussing sex with your partner.

Plus, it’s also a lot of fun to spice things up every now and then!

Types of sex toys

Sex toys have been around for thousands of years. They grew in popularity in the 1850s – and in that time, the manufacturers have only been getting more and more creative. There’s a wide assortment of options out there, with the below some of the most common.

Dildos & vibrators

Toys for sticking inside you. Some are simple and made of silicon. Others vibrate and come with moving parts. The go-to for most sex toy initiates. 

Butt plugs

For anal play, safe is best. Butt plugs can be kinky and fun – and won’t go missing. Perfect for increasing pleasure for men and women, whether solo or with a partner.


Magic wands

Not for the faint of heart – or clitoris. Magic wands come with an array of attachments that can change their use from outer stimulation to inner vaginal or anal play.

Bullets & eggs

Small and discreet, but packing a punch. Vibrating bullets and eggs are great portable sex toys that can be nuzzled between you when with a partner. Also fun for solo orgasms (and pelvic floor training).

Clitoral stimulators

Say goodbye to diamonds. Sending out pressure waves to the pleasure button, enveloping in vibrations or new sensations, clitoral stimulators are a girl’s new best friend.


Portable, easy to conceal – and exact replicas of some of your favourite pornstars’ anatomy. Fleshlights are a great choice for people with penises who don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Couples toys

While the above sex toys can be used with more than one person, the types listed below are designed specifically with couples in mind.


With a harness, without – or vibrating. Strap-ons are an exciting way to give up control and flip gender stereotypes.

Vibrating rings

Increase your pleasure, and your partner’s. Available in a range of styles, with rabbits ears and butt plugs to enhance the sensations. 

Double-ended dildos

The perfect solution for double penetration. Use in your lady-parts, or share the pleasure with a partner and use one end each.

So, what toy is right for you?

Sex toys are very personal. What kind you choose all depends on what makes you tick.

Thankfully, at Sneak Peak, we’ve made it easier to decide! We review sex toys from a range of manufacturers and distributors, giving you all the juicy details. Start shopping online now to crank up the dial on your sex life.