Aussie Sex Facts

May is Masturbation month, so with that in mind I thought I’d do some research out on how frisky us Aussies can be. It turns out we’re a pretty confident bunch who aren’t afraid to tell our partners – and random surveys – what we like.

Below are some of the facts and figures I’ve discovered. Have a read and let us know whether you agree or disagree – or have any to add – in the comments below.

How Often We’re “Doing It”

Australians on average have sex twice a week. This doesn’t really sound like a lot, but when you consider we all have to work it makes sense. Especially when I delved deeper and discovered the most common day of the week for people to get intimate was a Saturday. 

What was also interesting is that it’s the singles out there who are keeping this average at twice a week. The average Aussie couple only has sex 1.4 times a week!

When We’re Doing It

As mentioned above, Saturdays are the most common day of the week to have sex. When it comes to special occasions, holidays and birthdays are the top reasons listed. 

The majority of us are also night owls, as only a third reported that their sexual peak time was during the day. I guess I’m in the minority in this case, as I’m definitely more of a sleepy morning-sex kind of person.

How Many People We’re Doing It With

Both men and women have an average of 11 sexual partners in their lifetime. 

But we’re also one of the more receptive nations of people to having more than one sexual partner at a time. Almost 30% of us claimed to have tried it, and 26% of us have it on our sexual bucket lists.

How Quickly We’ll Do It With Someone

Approximately 60% of us believe that sexual relationships don’t have to be with people we’re in committed relationships with. But when it comes to dates, men are much more likely to have sex on the first date (17.5%) than women (9.8%). 

Who We’ll Do it With

Less than a third of us have had sex with a coworker, but at least 60% of us have admitted to fantasising about it.

Another one where I’m in the minority! I’ve actually slept with two coworkers in the course of my life… but hey I married one of them so it’s all good, right?

How Satisfied We Are

Women are more satisfied with their sex lives than men (93.9% compared to 87.75%). I wonder if this is directly correlated to the fact that only 58% of us gals are faking orgasms, compared to 80% of women in Britain. 

It’s good to know we’re getting better at admitting when we’re not enjoying something. Healthy communication about what you like and don’t like is only going to lead to better sex for you and your partner (and any future partners you may have). 

What We’re Into

Public sex

Roughly 40% of us say we enjoy flirting with danger and having public sex. While I can’t say I’ve never tried it, I also can’t say I’d want to do it again. The bed is just way more comfortable.

Dirty talk

If you’re into dirty talk like me, you’re in luck. Over 40% of us say we use dirty talk regularly.

Oral sex

Given all the Down Under puns, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 77% of us love receiving oral. But the good news is 74% of us love giving it as well.


Married men are more likely to masturbate than men who live alone. Steve tells me this is because masturbation serves a different purpose; it’s like a way to let off steam. He also adds when you know you can have sex any old time, it’s not as important to leap on the it when the opportunity comes up.

This is probably why the majority of us have watched pornography. Approximately 80% of people in WA watch it regularly, the highest percentage in the country.

Sex toys

Lastly, we love sex toys – with over 20% of us owning more than 11 of them each! Just over half of us own more than five, with the most popular being a rabbit vibrator.

Only 2% of us have never bought one at all, which is a pretty small figure. I guess it goes to show you that sex toys aren’t as kinky as some of us think.

If you’re in that minority and you want to give them a go – or if you’re looking to add a few more to your collection – take a look at our shop! We also personally review a wide range of options.