Lovense Max 2 Vagina Sleeve


Increase the pleasure of the Lovense Max 2 with the Vagina Sleeve designed for your pleasure. Combined with the innovative software and smartphone technology of the Max 2, you’ll experience 360° contractions and vibrations in this specially-crafted sleeve. It’ll feel just as good as the real thing, or even better – you decide.

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Lovense has been developing male sex toys since 2011. When paired with the Vagina Sleeve, you’ll be stimulated in new and exciting ways while you spend some quality time with yourself.

  • Compatible with the Max 2.
  • 90-day warranty for manufacturer defects.
  • Made from body ABS plastic and multiple-sensation TPE.

Whether you’re looking to spice up a long-distance relationship, or keen for some solo play, the Max 2 Vagina Sleeve will only enhance the experience.


Sync with another Max or Nora and feel the toys react.


Adjust contraction and vibration settings to your preference.


Connect to a VR game for added sensations.


Rechargeable battery, with over 3 hours of continuous use.

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A brand that began its journey into the industry when the founder was in a long-distance relationship, Lovense has always been committed to improving intimacy through what they’ve coined teledildonics. Winning awards for innovation and technical leadership, you can buy the Max 2 and the Vagina Sleeve direct from the source with confidence.

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