LELO Ora 3


Like a tongue – but better. Settle for nothing less than award-winning oral sex with the Ora 3 by LELO. Through intuitive PreMotion technology, you’ll receive a firm and precise rotating motion, generating real-feeling oral stimulation. Who needs the real thing when you can control the pace, pressure and position with the LELO Ora 3?

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LELO have done it again. And again. Labelled the world’s most intuitive oral sex simulator, the Ora 3 is an improvement on perfection that’ll have you coming back over and over.

  • Body-safe and comfortable with ultra-smooth silicone
  • Unrivalled quality-assurance with 1 year LELO warranty
  • Fully rechargeable battery

With an internationally recognised and certified design, there’s no better choice for that firm tongue-like feeling. Melt into a moment of bliss with the LELO Ora 3.


Different vibrations and a rotating node to simulate oral sex.


No need to breathe, enjoy oral simulation in the bath or shower.


From a teasing murmur to a (still quiet) satisfying pulse.


LELO’s PreMotion technology offers 25% faster oral simulation.

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Winning awards for best luxury toy range and best product design, nobody knows pleasure better than LELO. Buy the Ora 3 direct from the source and be treated a 1-year warranty – and our favourite, a 10-year quality guarantee. It doesn’t come better than that.

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