LELO Tor 2


Bigger, longer, stronger – the Tor 2 by LELO is designed for couples’ complete satisfaction. The most sophisticated vibrating cock ring in the world, it offers the most thrilling and intense pleasures. The smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes, bringing a long-lasting experience like no other – for you, and your partner.

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Boasting 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind, the LELO Tor 2 is the perfect choice for sex connoisseurs. Simply position the TOR 2 so the thicker, vibrating area is touching your partner’s body during penetration, and intensify the pleasure for you both.

  • Fully flexible design, meaning a comfortable fit for men of all sizes
  • Intuitive 2-button interface, perfectly placed for comfortable use in action
  • Enjoy in any position you choose, for more adventurous sex

LELO’s Tor 2 helps you have bigger, stronger erections for more intense lovemaking – meaning the climax is better for both of you.


USB rechargeable battery means more power, less fuss.


Choose from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.


Perfect for the bath or shower, no matter how wet you are.


Enhances enjoyment for both partners during lovemaking.

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Winning awards for best luxury toy range and best product design, nobody knows pleasure better than LELO. Buy Tor 2 direct from the source and be treated a 1-year warranty – and our favourite, a 10-year quality guarantee. It doesn’t come better than that.

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